FloorDirector - the overview

FloorDirector is an EDA tool to reduce Dynamic Voltage Drop ( DVD ) and in-rush current peaks at the Physical Implementation stage. It offers a seamless design flow integration, true MCMM and Multi-Use-Case operation and works in all major backend digital design flows. Production-proven and highly effective from 40nm to 10nm process nodes.


Optimize SoC Power Integrity

On-chip power integrity is challenging like never before. While technology scaling offers advantages in terms of performance and power consumption, modern designs on newest process nodes all suffer from power integrity and IR-drop issues. FloorDirector can optimize the designs behavior though advanced clock scheduling and reduce Dynamic Voltage Drop significantly.

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Power Integrity @ DesignCon 2017

If you are working with power integrity in physical design and approaching the 10nm and 7nm process nodes, you should not miss DesignCon this year. The DesignCon committee has set up a conference track titled “Overcoming Chip & Package Challenges in Signal/Power...

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Latest News

Challenges at 10nm and 7nm – Teklatech in the News

Focus and attention to on-chip power integrity is accelerating as more and more companies move towards 10nm and 7nm. Semiconductor Engineering have been running a series of articles on the challenges at those nodes with participation from Krishna Balachandran,...

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Dynamic Peak Power As A Proxy For DVD? Really?

Optimizing for dynamic voltage drop at the beginning of physical implementation. DECEMBER 8TH, 2016 – BY: TOBIAS BJERREGAARD Dynamic-voltage-drop (DVD) concerns have grown substantially at the 10nm and 7nm silicon process nodes. DVD refers to the transient...

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