FloorDirector fully complements your sign-off flow

FloorDirector is different from a power rail analysis tool like Apache RedHawk™, Cadence Voltus™ or similar:  They are DVD analysis tools designed to identify a problem, whereas FloorDirector is designed to improve and solve the DVD and in-rush current problems. FloorDirector will systematically provide more profitable products and faster sign-off convergence in less engineering time.


Designed ground-up for backend Power Integrity optimization

FloorDirector has been designed ground-up to analyze, intelligently partition and pre-optimize millions-of-instances designs with respect to dynamic power, setup- and hold-timing. This creates an ideal optimization starting point, allowing FloorDirector to blaze through thousands and thousands of possible solutions in a few hours (not days!), constantly converging towards the best solution. Short runtimes, highly efficient, highly effective.


Process and EDA flow agnostic

As FloorDirector relies on all standard formats (.lib, LEF, DEF, SDC and SDF), there is no characterization required when going from one process to the next; no script hacking required from our AE’s, no rushed software release required from our R&D. FloorDirector works with any existing high-performing backend tools (Synopsys ICC2, Cadence Innovus etc), and moving from one tool to another is a matter of setting a single switch. FloorDirector offers robust performance, it’s easily scalable and deployable.


FloorDirector can deliver astonishing results!

When was the last time you got 20-30% bulk DVD improvement without making costly design and size changes to your design?

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