Optimization solution for reducing SoC Dynamic Voltage Drop (DVD)

Designed ground-up for Power Integrity optimization

FloorDirector-PWR has been designed ground-up to analyze and optimize power integrity. It is build on the FloorDirector® platform, which analyzes millions-of-instance designs holistically with respect to dynamic power, setup- and hold-timing across of modes and corners, and takes into account placement and clock architecture. Dynamic power waveform signatures are generated either from external simulation data, or from a vectorless approach using FloorDirector’s internal logic simulation engine, for logic true circuit activity. The fully integrated engines enable tight looped what-if analysis, letting FloorDirector’s multi-dimensional optimizer to blaze through thousands and thousands of possible solutions in a few hours, converging towards the best solution, and making a final solution pick in the complex multi-dimensional solution space. This means short runtimes, highly efficient and effective. The optimization algorithm finds and evaluates solutions that meet your objectives for power integrity, setup- and hold-timing.

FloorDirector-PWR complements your sign-off flow

FloorDirector-PWR is different from a power rail analysis tool like Ansys RedHawk™, Cadence Voltus™ or similar: they are power analysis tools designed to identify problems, whereas FloorDirector-PWR is designed to work in the implementation flow to improve and solve the DVD and in-rush current problems. This will systematically improve design robustness and enable a smaller power grid for better routability leading to faster design closure and more profitable products.

Process node and backend design flow agnostic

As FloorDirector relies on standard design and technology formats (.lib, LEF, DEF, SPEF, Verilog, SDC and SDF), there is no characterization required when going from one process to the next. FloorDirector-PWR works inside the place & route flow of all mainstream backend tools, including Synopsys ICC2 and Cadence Innovus, providing significant power integrity benefits in all flows.

FloorDirector-PWR offers robust performance, scalability and is easy deployable.