Tobias Bjerregaard, CEO & Founder

Dr. Tobias Bjerregaard is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Teklatech. Under Dr. Bjerregaard’s leadership, Teklatech has grown from a university spin-off to a global technology leader. He has invented and patented several semiconductor technology innovations in the areas of power integrity and clock distribution networks, and has written and presented a range of papers for leading industry publications and conferences. He has received numerous prestigious accolades for his individual achievements and industry contributions. Dr. Bjerregaard holds MSEE and PhD degrees in micro-electronics from the Technical University of Denmark and an MBA degree from Copenhagen Business School.

Jannich Thorsen, VP of Software Development

Jannich Thorsen has worked with EDA software development for 15+ years. His detailed know-how of implementing software architectures required to handle the complexity of advanced SoC designs, and his practical approach to making things work in a concrete context, provide Teklatech with a strong base for developing commercially viable, robust, industry grade software tools. Prior to joining Teklatech in 2008, Jannich Thorsen has worked in technical and management positions in DDE-EDA, Mentor Graphics, and other high-profile companies. He holds a MSEE. degree with a focus on EDA algorithms and high-speed digital electronics.

Thomas Villum Børsting, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Thomas Villum Børsting is a seasoned commercial manager in the software business. He has been with start-ups such as Netscape Communications and RealNetworks as MD Nordic Countries. In 2001 he decided to dedicate his time to helping technology entreprenurs succeed working as a Business Angel. Mr. Børsting holds a Bachelor in Business Administration.